Monday, May 27, 2013

FCM015 We talk about This long weekend which was Memorial Day weekend.
Talked about the bands that played at the bars and did outdoor parties. Tossed in a last minute short interview with Ron Campbell about the Vets benefit at the Road House in Paw Paw. Mi.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

FCM001 My first podcast of this series. It only get's better folks as I get this program dialed in. Got to start somewhere! I talk with none other than John Gooch. We're all over the place as far as the music talk goes. Great conversation.
FCM002 I talk with Tim Guy of "Alter Ego Band" located in Battle Creek.Mi. We talk about the local bar scene and the talent in the area and how it is changing. Bad connection at times with the call.
FCM003 On this 3rd podcast I talk with none other than drummer extraordinaire Paul Rogers. We talked a bit about his early bands and everything in between.
FCM004 No interview tonight. Just us two talking about the 50th aniversary of the Beatles first album coming out. and we do a little trivia about the Beatles solo work. We also talk about who's playing at the local bars this weekend. And just some comments about the music in general.
FCM005 I talk with none other than Bill Foster of T.Y.P.O. We talk about his past band experiences all the way to working the Local Casino's. Thanks for hangin' out Bill.
FCM006 April Fool's!!...just kidding. This week we talk about what went on Fri and Sat at the Home bar and at the American Legion Rider's post 298 annual Chili cook off. Then it's off to talk with Cris about where he's played, what Bands he's working with and his goals to help people get the musical equipment they need to get started with. "Gift of Music is a pathway for helping children in need to recognize the dream of having a musical instrument to learn on thru donations made by individuals" quoted from the "Gift of Music" Facebook page. Thank's for coming on Cris. "Your a class act"
FCM007Yes indeed. I talk with the Rocker himself, Ron Campbell of "Erika Scherry and Swift kick Band". We talk a little about his days with Riff Raff and also about the current bands originals that they have worked up. The guy makes for good conversation. Thanks Ron!
Erika Scherry and Swift Kick
FCM008 I caught up with Erika Scherry of the Swift Kick Band, and we talked about her musical beginnings right up through to her current band. Also talked about the recording of their first CD (Available soon) they are working on down in Smithville, TN. Check out the song "Lovin Proof" at the end of this interview. Here is a link to get more music and info about Erika Scherry and Swift Kick.
Erika Scherry Music
FCM009 Well no interview this week. Scheduling conflict...yuck. Beth and I did come off with who's playing where for this upcoming weekend and we talked a little about "Gift of Music"
Gift of Music
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FCM010 Interview went out the window early on with these guys. We wound up talking about the old times all the way to the current bands we're in. Plus some talk about the places we have played and the ones that have disappeared over time. Thanks Ron and Tim for making the trip over here. Please share this podcast!
FCM011This week I talked with Megan Rae of the Megan Rae Band.
You can find her on Facebook.
Megan Rae Music
Megan Rae Fans
FCM012 Yes indeed. I interviewed Rusty Parker from the KARMA Band. Very good conversation with him for sure. we talked quite a bit about his current band and where they are playing and going to play. And of course talked a bit about the good ol' times. Thanks Rusty, great talking with you bud.
FCM013 We didn't have a guest this time. We did talk about who played this last weekend and also talked about a couple of cool app's available for the android phone.
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FCM014 Well no interview. Go figure. After I blew a little steam off we had a good conversation about the previous weekend festivities. There are some great bands playing in and around the area. We just had to talk about it.