Monday, October 7, 2013

FCM034 We give a rundown on where the bands are playing in the surrounding area. Plus a bit about a free Halloween mag out that gives a complete rundown on all the haunted house locations and cider mills and other activities for October. I have a great interview lined up for the next podcast..oh yes!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

FCM033 This week we talk a bit about my new Samsung 10" Tablet I got along with a cool app called "Lyric Pad" We also did a rundown on what bars are have live entertainment and who is playing there for the upcoming weekend. Thanks for listening and subscribing.
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

FCM032. No interviews this week as we have been very busy making a BIG move from one small house to a nice big house. Back on track soon though with the interviews. We talk this week about who is playing where and when at the local establishments.
You have suggestions on future interviews, just let us know.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

FCM031 Interview with Randy Yeo who is currently playing Bass and doing backup with the 'Megan Rae Band'. He talked about his early times playing in different bands and places including the band, 'SouthBound' with the Demott brothers. Check out his Facebook page.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FCM030 Interview from the Schense/Cebelak Memorial jam.
Sorry for the delay on this podcast. Lot of editing. Amazing that the interviews came out as even sounding as they did. As I was interviewing people, music was playing in the background at a pretty good volume hence our seemingly loud voices. Those Shure sm58 mic's into a TASCAM DR-7 recorder did pretty good at holding back the loud music.
We interviewed 8 musicians.Simply ran out of time to get them all. Tim Guy,Jon McAfee,Bob Matheson,Mark Holbrook,Paul Rogers, John Gooch,Jeff Bobrofsky and Randy Yeo. This was all done from the Warehouse Venue in Battle Creek,Mi on Sunday Sept 8, 2013. Thanks to all the great people who participated and made this a smooth event.It made for a really great day.
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Monday, September 2, 2013

FCM029 This week was kind of crazy with the last big holiday (Labor day) of the summer happening. We pretty much partied it up a bit too much Friday and Saturday and that caused us to kind of look the other way on Sunday to get recharged for Monday. So that is why the show was delayed. We actually got in a nice interview with Bernie Thomas who really plays a mean Bass guitar. The guy is a great friend of ours not to mention he makes some great Chili too!.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

FCM028 Interview with Joe Hughes.
Nice interview with Joe Hughes, Guitar/bass player extraordinaire. Currently with the Under destruction Band.
We also talked about a couple of parties we went to and also
information about who's playing where. Fun podcast, almost an hour long this time around.
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

FCM027 With Frank and Beth
We had a crazy weekend. Started off with the Calhoun County Fair which sucked! Then did a wedding that kind of went sideways. Ended the weekend with an end of the summer bike night at the Eagles. We also talked about the new Warehouse Venue. Great experience

Sunday, August 11, 2013

FCM026 With Frank and Beth.
Well, we kept this show short and sweet so to speak. Kind of started early on the partying. But, we did report on what happened this past weekend and talked about the bands we saw plus the one I played in this last Sat for the 'Friends and Company summer bash' Fun weekend
that went by way too fast.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

FCM025. We talk about the grand opening of the Warehouse Venue on August 9th. Also make note of local bands playing around the area. Lot of great outdoor events happening on the weekend of Aug 10th and throughout the rest of this month.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

FCM024Deep Fried Pickle Project! Saw these guys play plus did a quick interview with them just before I went and played with the, Erika Scherry Band at the 2013 Leilapalooza Music Festival. We also talked about the local entertainment and where they are playing.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

FCM023 Interview with Cris and Jena of Warehouse venue in Battle Creek,Mi. I talked with them about the progress of the venue and the anticipation of the grand opening in August. The interview starts at 11:45 into the show. At the start of the show Beth and I talk about what went on the past Friday and Saturday at the local bars.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

FCM022 With Frank and Beth. This week we talk about the local bands in the area and where they played at or going to be playing at. Also talked about playing at the Battle Creek Bombers game. Plus new info about the Warehouse Concert venue and Tap room. And as usual my little mistakes as I read through my cheater notes as we do the show...It's been a long week folks!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

FCM021 With Frank and Beth. Happy Fourth of July!
This week we talk about what happened over the holiday weekend.
We reported about who has played this past week and also mentioned the dates of when most bands will be playing down the line. Don't forget to check out our live internet show we do from 7pm till 8pm est each Sunday.
Details are at

Sunday, June 30, 2013

FCM020 This week we talk about the local bands that played in the area. Also talked about the live show we do each Sunday.
Also an update on the "Warehouse Concert venue and Tap room" that is having a contest as to who will win the Grand opening slot plus some other "goodies" that go along with it.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

FCM019 Well, well. Another podcast and another week gone by. We talk about the last weeks bands we saw and also about playing at the first "countrypalooza" in Jackson at the Jackson Co Fairgrounds. Also give an update on the "Warehouse" and who is in line to be the first to play there later this year. You even get to hear the dog bark as the delivery guy tried to collect for the wings and pasta we ordered. Oh boy....... And if that's not enough I go off on the fact that my live show crashed due to some software failure....It was bound to happen sooner or later folks.
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

FCM018 This week I talk with Don Bennett, drummer for the Erika Scherry band. The interview starts at about 24 minutes into this podcast. Before that we talk about this past weeks visits to the local establishments with entertainment plus Bike night. We also talked about the live show we did at the Bucket in Union City with the Erika Scherry and the Swift Kick band CD release party.
Here are some links we talked about.
Crispen Bocanegra's Gift of Music
Contact us
Twitter  @FCmusician

Sunday, June 9, 2013

FCM017 We caught up with Crispin Bocanegra and talked a bit about his latest project "warehouse" which is opening in August (the old Brickyard on Columbia Ave) Interview starts at 26 minutes into the show. Before that, Beth and I talked about some outdoor events we went to and also a couple of bars we checked out that had some great music going on. We also talked about our debut live internet show we are doing every Sunday night at 7pm till 7:45
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

FCM016 This week I talk with Robin Cunningham creator of "Smash Magazine" Very professional and informative magazine free for the taking. Just before that interview, Beth and I talk about some of the local bands and where they have and are about to play at.
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Here are some links to what we talked about on this episode.
 Smash Magazine
Smash Mag
 Gift of Music

Monday, May 27, 2013

FCM015 We talk about This long weekend which was Memorial Day weekend.
Talked about the bands that played at the bars and did outdoor parties. Tossed in a last minute short interview with Ron Campbell about the Vets benefit at the Road House in Paw Paw. Mi.
I have a new web site also,
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

FCM001 My first podcast of this series. It only get's better folks as I get this program dialed in. Got to start somewhere! I talk with none other than John Gooch. We're all over the place as far as the music talk goes. Great conversation.
FCM002 I talk with Tim Guy of "Alter Ego Band" located in Battle Creek.Mi. We talk about the local bar scene and the talent in the area and how it is changing. Bad connection at times with the call.
FCM003 On this 3rd podcast I talk with none other than drummer extraordinaire Paul Rogers. We talked a bit about his early bands and everything in between.
FCM004 No interview tonight. Just us two talking about the 50th aniversary of the Beatles first album coming out. and we do a little trivia about the Beatles solo work. We also talk about who's playing at the local bars this weekend. And just some comments about the music in general.
FCM005 I talk with none other than Bill Foster of T.Y.P.O. We talk about his past band experiences all the way to working the Local Casino's. Thanks for hangin' out Bill.
FCM006 April Fool's!!...just kidding. This week we talk about what went on Fri and Sat at the Home bar and at the American Legion Rider's post 298 annual Chili cook off. Then it's off to talk with Cris about where he's played, what Bands he's working with and his goals to help people get the musical equipment they need to get started with. "Gift of Music is a pathway for helping children in need to recognize the dream of having a musical instrument to learn on thru donations made by individuals" quoted from the "Gift of Music" Facebook page. Thank's for coming on Cris. "Your a class act"
FCM007Yes indeed. I talk with the Rocker himself, Ron Campbell of "Erika Scherry and Swift kick Band". We talk a little about his days with Riff Raff and also about the current bands originals that they have worked up. The guy makes for good conversation. Thanks Ron!
Erika Scherry and Swift Kick
FCM008 I caught up with Erika Scherry of the Swift Kick Band, and we talked about her musical beginnings right up through to her current band. Also talked about the recording of their first CD (Available soon) they are working on down in Smithville, TN. Check out the song "Lovin Proof" at the end of this interview. Here is a link to get more music and info about Erika Scherry and Swift Kick.
Erika Scherry Music
FCM009 Well no interview this week. Scheduling conflict...yuck. Beth and I did come off with who's playing where for this upcoming weekend and we talked a little about "Gift of Music"
Gift of Music
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FCM010 Interview went out the window early on with these guys. We wound up talking about the old times all the way to the current bands we're in. Plus some talk about the places we have played and the ones that have disappeared over time. Thanks Ron and Tim for making the trip over here. Please share this podcast!
FCM011This week I talked with Megan Rae of the Megan Rae Band.
You can find her on Facebook.
Megan Rae Music
Megan Rae Fans
FCM012 Yes indeed. I interviewed Rusty Parker from the KARMA Band. Very good conversation with him for sure. we talked quite a bit about his current band and where they are playing and going to play. And of course talked a bit about the good ol' times. Thanks Rusty, great talking with you bud.
FCM013 We didn't have a guest this time. We did talk about who played this last weekend and also talked about a couple of cool app's available for the android phone.
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FCM014 Well no interview. Go figure. After I blew a little steam off we had a good conversation about the previous weekend festivities. There are some great bands playing in and around the area. We just had to talk about it.